Ayurvedic Treatments

The Serenity Massage: 90 minutes . . .$135

Experience an ancient massage technique, abhyanga, that uses warm herbal infused oil to balance the mind, body and spirit.  In addition, the ayurvedic therapy of pouring warm oil on the forehead, Shirodhara, completes this blissful and balancing experience.  

Clean and Clear: 90 minutes . . .$135
Eliminate toxins and rebalance the body with this three part treatment.  First, raw silk gloves are used to exfoliate the skin and loosen toxins from the deeper tissues of the body.  Then the body is anointed with warm herbal infused oil to liquify and mobilize impurities.  Lastly, the body is wrapped in a warm blanket allowing the body to sweat and eliminate toxins from the body.  While wrapped an Ayurvedic acupressure facial massage in performed to relax the mind and spirit.  

Good Vibrations:  90 minutes. . . $125

Realign, relax and rejuvenate with the sound and vibration of Tibetan singing bowls paired with a warm herbal infused oil massage.  The transformative combination of healing sound and healing touch will assist in balancing all levels of your being. 

-Third Eye Massage :50 minutes . . . $85
Shirodhara is the application of warm oil streamed continuously over the forehead.  This technique soothes, nourishes and invigorates the senses as well as the mind and is recommended for chronic headaches, insomnia, anxiety and nervousness.    

Ayurvedic Wellness Massage:  Initial  Massage 2 Hours . . .$150
Follow-Up 90 minutes. . .  $125

Ideal for those who want to learn more about their Ayurvedic constitution and also receive a customized massage.  If you have basic questions about your constitution, diet and lifestyle and also desire a customized  massage this service is for you.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation: Initial consultation 2 Hours. . . $150
Follow up consultation 1 hour . . . $75 

If you seek deeper understanding and guidance on imbalances in your body and mind let our certified Ayurvedic practitioner assist you in creating a lifestyle that allows you to live in balance with your own unique nature.  Lifestyle, diet, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness and therapeutic bodywork recommendations are given to rid the body of impurities and prevent the formation of future imbalances.